Thursday, July 12, 2007

DVD Releases the Week of July 17, 2007

Premonition (PG-13)
The Hills Have Eyes 2 (R)
Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
Avenue Montaigne (PG-13)
Bistro waitress has an effect on her customers. (Cecil De France, Valerie Lemercier, Albert Dupontel) Factory Girl (R)
'60s Rock & Roll Jukebox (Not Rated)
3 Doors Down: Live Away From The Sun (Not Rated)
Adolfo Urias Y Su Lobo Norteno: Grandes Videos Mus (Not Rated)
Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog (Not Rated)
Aerosmith In Performace (Not Rated)
Alarm: Greatest Hits Live (Not Rated)
All Excess (Not Rated)
America's Funniest Home Video: Guide To Parents (Not Rated)
Ancient Discoveries (Not Rated)
Anthony B.: Live On The Battlefield (Not Rated)
Antlered Kings (Not Rated)
Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004 (Not Rated)
At Town Hall Party: April 18, 1959 (Not Rated)
At Town Hall Party: August 8, 1959 (Not Rated)
At Town Hall Party: July 18, 1959 (Not Rated)
At Town Hall Party: November 15, 1958 (Not Rated)
At Town Hall Party: November 6, 1954 (Not Rated)
At Town Hall Party: October 11, 1958 (Not Rated)
Avenged Sevenfold (Not Rated)
Awesome Bulls 1 & 2 (Not Rated)
Bacterium (Not Rated)
Bare It All Show (Not Rated)
Basic Tsukamoto (Not Rated)
The Basics of Billiards (Not Rated)
Baxter (R)
Beat Volume 1: Shows 1-5 (Not Rated)
Beat Volume 2: Shows 6-9 (Not Rated)
Beat Volume 3: Shows 10-13 (Not Rated)
Beat Volume 4: Shows 14-17 (Not Rated)
Beat Volume 5: Shows 18-21 (Not Rated)
Beat Volume 6: Shows 22-26 (Not Rated)
Beaten (Not Rated)
Beer Drinkers In Space (Not Rated)
Bellydance Arms & Posture (Not Rated)
The Best of Lone Ranger (Not Rated)
Best Student Council Volume 4: Secret Lives (Not Rated)
Big Wu: Family Reunion Live (Not Rated)
Bill Bruford: In Concert In Holland (Not Rated)
Birdman & the Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series (Not Rated)
Black Sabbath: In Their Own Words (Not Rated)
Bless By Fire / Official Story (Not Rated)
Blessed By Fire (Not Rated)
Bob Dylan: The Golden Years 1962-1978 (Not Rated)
Bob Luman: At Town Hall Party (Not Rated)
Bob Marley: Music In Review (Not Rated)
Bon Jovi In Performance (Not Rated)
Bon Jovi: Heaven Can Wait (Not Rated)
Boss Bucks (Not Rated)
Breakdance: Completely Street Instructional (Not Rated)
Business: 1st Season (Not Rated)
Carlos Oscar: Life Is Crazy Good! (Not Rated)
Chalkdust Memories: Vintage Educational Films (Not Rated)
Champions of the Wild: Marine Life (Not Rated)
Champions of the Wild: Our Wildlife (Not Rated)
Champions of the Wild: Primates, Pandas & Bears (Not Rated)
Ciudad Juarez Tan Infinito Como El Des (Not Rated)
Class / Secret Admirer (Not Rated)
Coldplay: Love Actually (Not Rated)
College Hill: Virgin Islands (Not Rated)
Collins Kids: At Town Hall Party Volume 3 (Not Rated)
Comedy Zen: 1st Season (Not Rated)
Complete Pilates Workout Box Set (Not Rated)
Corsica Investigation (Not Rated)
Crimen En Presidio (Not Rated)
Crow Road (Not Rated)
David Bowie & The Spiders 1969-1974 (Not Rated)
David Bowie: Definitive Critical Review (Not Rated)
David Bowie: Up Close & Personal (Not Rated)
Dead Bucks Don't Lie (Not Rated)
Dead Man's Hand (Not Rated)
Deep Purple: Reflections (Not Rated)
Deep Purple: Videobiography (Not Rated)
Deep Roots Music 1: Revival / Ranking Sounds (Not Rated)
Del Lado De La Ley (Not Rated)
Demon Hunting (Not Rated)
Desperately Seeking Susan / Something Wild (Not Rated)
Digi Charat Nyo Volume 2 (Not Rated)
DJ Tiesto: Tiesto In Concert (Not Rated)
Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde (Not Rated)
Dynamite Warrior (Not Rated)
Eddie Cochran: At Town Hall Party (Not Rated)
El Inmigrante (Not Rated)
El Simbolo: Grandes Videos Musicales (Not Rated)
Elvis Presley: Spirit Of Memphis (Not Rated)
Emmanuelle Beart Collection (Not Rated)
Erotic College Coeds: Wet & Wild (Not Rated)
Eureka Seven Volume 8 (Not Rated)
Fairport Convention: Ultimate Collection (Not Rated)
The Fall: Live At The Knitting Factory (Not Rated)
The Fall: Punkcast 2004 & Live At The Garage 2002 (Not Rated)
Fantasma Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Fatal Beauty / Running Scared (Not Rated)
First Class Nudes: Volume 1 (Not Rated)
First Class Nudes: Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Flamingo Kid / Last American Virgin (Not Rated)
Flight Check: Bombers (Not Rated)
Flight Check: Fighters (Not Rated)
The Followers (Not Rated)
Forest Of The Dead (Not Rated)
Foyles War: Set 4 (Not Rated)
Frank Sinatra: Reflections (Not Rated)
Game Day (Not Rated)
Garbage: Absolute Garbage (Not Rated)
Gene Vincent: At Town Hall Party (Not Rated)
Gene Watson: Greatest Hits (Not Rated)
Genesis: In Their Own Words (Not Rated)
Genesis: Inside Genesis 1970-1980 Critical Review (Not Rated)
Genesis: Reflections (Not Rated)
Ghost Gate (Not Rated)
Ghost of the Brotherhood (Not Rated)
Ghost Train (Not Rated)
Giant Gila Monster / Killer Shrews (Not Rated)
Goof Juice: My Sky (Not Rated)
Grafters: The Complete First Season (Not Rated)
Green Day In Performance (Not Rated)
Green Day: Only Rhyme That Bites (Not Rated)
Grindhouse Trash Collection (Not Rated)
Gundam Seed Destiny Volume 9 (Not Rated)
Gunsmoke: The First Season (Not Rated)
Happy Hooker Trilogy (Not Rated)
Hard Rock Collection (Not Rated)
Hare & Guu Deluxe Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Haunted Boat (R)
Hedda Gabler (Not Rated)
Hilarious Hunts (Not Rated)
Hollywood Legemds: Alfred Hitchcock (Not Rated)
Hollywood Legends: Charlie Chaplin (Not Rated)
Hollywood Legends: John Wayne (Not Rated)
Hollywood Legends: Sherlock Holmes (Not Rated)
Holocaust: Raw Loud N Live Tour (Not Rated)
Hopalong Cassidy TV Collection 1 (Not Rated)
Horizons (Not Rated)
Horn Rattln / To Kill A Book Deer (Not Rated)
Illegal Street Racing Show (Not Rated)
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Second Season (Not Rated)
Iona: Iona (Not Rated)
Iona: Live At Ulu London 2004 (Not Rated)
Irish Tenors: Complete Irish Tenors (Not Rated)
James Brown: Mr. Dynamite (Not Rated)
Jennifer Kries: Hot Body Cool Mind Level 2 (Not Rated)
Jill Scott: Live In Paris (Not Rated)
Joe Maphis: At Town Hall Party (Not Rated)
Johnny Be Good / Young Blood (Not Rated)
Johnny Bond: At Town Hall Party (Not Rated)
Johnny Cash: Five Minutes To Live / Door To Door (Not Rated)
Johnny Cash: Night Rider (Not Rated)
Joshua's Troop: Live (Not Rated)
Joy To The World (Not Rated)
Karin Volume 2: Vampire Hunter (Not Rated)
Keli Roberts: Upper Body & Core (Not Rated)
The Kinks: In Their Own Words (Not Rated)
Kon Ichikawa's 47 Ronin (Not Rated)
La Carcel De Cananea (Not Rated)
Last Seen at Angkor (Not Rated)
Law Of Ueki Volume 8 (Not Rated)
Led Zeppelin: Definitive Review (Not Rated)
Led Zeppelin: In Their Own Words (Not Rated)
Led Zeppelin: Inside Led Zeppelin 1968-1980 (Not Rated)
The Legend of Guan Gong (Not Rated)
Legends of British Comedy (Not Rated)
Living Room Yoga: Strengthen & Lengthen (Not Rated)
Lo Mejor Del Chapulin Colorado Volume 8 (Not Rated)
Love (Not Rated)
Love / Soundless (Not Rated)
Madlax Complete Collection (Not Rated)
Magnum: Live (Not Rated)
Maria Beatty: Fetish Films Volume 1 (Not Rated)
Maria Beatty: Fetish Films Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Martin & Lewis: Complete Colgate Comedy Hour Coll (Not Rated)
Martin Stephenson: Lincoln Cathedral (Not Rated)
Martin Stephenson: Live At The Roscoe (Not Rated)
Masters of Horror: The Black Cat
Memphis Belle & P 47 Thunderbolt Warplanes of WWII (Not Rated)
Merle Travis: At Town Hall Party (Not Rated)
Mia Michelle Model Splash (Not Rated)
Minisuka Police Volume 1
Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman (Not Rated)
Moogfest 2006: Live (Not Rated)
The Mormons (Not Rated)
Most Haunted: Castles of Britain (Not Rated)
Most Haunted: London Haunts (Not Rated)
Most Haunted: The Collection (Not Rated)
Mountain: Live In Texas 2005 (Not Rated)
Mr. Halloween (Not Rated)
My Favorite Martian Season 1: Best Of (Not Rated)
My-Otome Volume 1 (Not Rated)
National Geographic: Secret Yellowstone (Not Rated)
National Geographic: Secret Yosemite (Not Rated)
Nirvana In Performance (Not Rated)
Once Bitten / Vampires Kiss (Not Rated)
Overhaulin': The Complete Third Season (Not Rated)
P Diddy Presents: Bad Boys Of Comedy Season 2 (Not Rated)
Patrulla 81: En Concierto (Not Rated)
Payback: Volume 1 (Not Rated)
Perfect Creature (R)
Peter Cincotti: Live In New York (Not Rated)
Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother (Not Rated)
Pink Floyd: In London 66-67 (Not Rated)
Pink Floyd: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Not Rated)
Pink Floyd: Rock Milestones: Landmark A (Not Rated)
Pink Floyd: Rock Milestones: The Wall (Not Rated)
Plunky & Oneness Of Juju: Live In Paris (Not Rated)
Poison Friends (Not Rated)
Porcupine Tree: Arriving Somewhere (Not Rated)
Professional Predator Trapping (Not Rated)
Professional Water Trapping (Not Rated)
Promise Keeper (Not Rated)
Quest For Adventure 1 (Not Rated)
Quest For Adventure 2 (Not Rated)
Quest For Adventure 3 (Not Rated)
Quest of Coyotes (Not Rated)
Race You to the Bottom (R)
Rainbow: In Their Own Words (Not Rated)
Rat Pack: Kings Of Swing (Not Rated)
Raymond Bernard Series 4 Box Set (Not Rated)
Real World Yoga: Real People With Real Bodies (Not Rated)
Rising Damp: Series 4 (Not Rated)
Rookies: The Complete First Season (Not Rated)
Roxy Music: Inside Roxy Music 1972-1974 (Not Rated)
Russian Revolution In Color (Not Rated)
San Antonio Spurs: 2006-2007 NBA Champions (Not Rated)
Saxon: Live (Not Rated)
Sci-Fi Sinema Set (Not Rated)
Silken Sleeves (Not Rated)
Skeeter: Xtro & Xtro 2 (Not Rated)
Slayers Season 1 (Not Rated)
Snowy White: The Way It Is (Not Rated)
Softcore Divas: Behind The G-Strings (Not Rated)
Space Ghost & Dino Boy: The Complete Series (Not Rated)
Spring River Flows East (Not Rated)
SRH Presents Spaded (Not Rated)
Steel Pulse: Introspective (Not Rated)
Steel Pulse: Live From The Archives (Not Rated)
The Stonecutter (Not Rated)
Stories From The Road: Sturgis 2006 (Not Rated)
Sublime: Ultimate Bundle (Not Rated)
Suicide: One Day Live At La Loco (Not Rated)
Supertramp: Total Rock Review (Not Rated)
Sure Thing / Valley Girl (Not Rated)
Surf School (R)
Taekwondo: Training In Korea (Not Rated)
Tanya Tucker (Not Rated)
Taxicab Confessions: New York, New York Part 1 (Not Rated)
TCM Spotlight: Esther Williams Collection (Not Rated)
Teen Witch / Heavenly Kid (Not Rated)
This Ain't Your Mom's Hardcore: Volume 2 (Not Rated)
Tide: Line Blue 2 (Not Rated)
Tlapehuala Show (Not Rated)
TNA Show (Not Rated)
Traci Townsend
Tsubasa Volume 2 (Not Rated)
UFO: Strangers In The Night (Not Rated)
Undagrind Documentary (Not Rated)
Upland Bird Hunting with Tom Huggler (Not Rated)
Uriah Heep: Gold Form The Byron Era (Not Rated)
Van Der Graaf Generator: God Bluff Live 1975 (Not Rated)
The Verminators: Bowmania (Not Rated)
Very Best of GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling 4 (Not Rated)
Vincent: The TV Series (Not Rated)
Virginia (Not Rated)
Man seeks out biological father for girlfriend's daughter. (Godfrey Danchimah, Paige Hurd) Voyagers! The Complete Series (Not Rated)
We All Love Ella: A Tribute to 1st Lady of Song (Not Rated)
Whitetail Bonanza Multipack (Not Rated)
The Who: In Their Own Words (Not Rated)
Why Smart People Do Stupid Things with Money (Not Rated)
William & Mary (Not Rated)
William Boyd: Ultimate Hopalong Cassidy Collection (Not Rated)
Wings of Glory (Not Rated)
Wishbone Ash: Argus (Not Rated)
Works With Sharon Mann (Not Rated)
World Fighting Alliance Collection (Not Rated)
Yes: Inside Yes 1968-1973 Critical Review (Not Rated)
Yo-Yo Girl Cop (Not Rated)

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